Online Ordering Platform

Qaayima Online Ordering System

– the ultimate ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM catering your restaurant needs

If you’ve just implemented Qaayima online ordering at your restaurant, congratulations! You’ve made a smart decision that will set your restaurant up for long-term success.

Our online ordering system will make it possible for you to sell your products digitally without the involvement or need to pay commission. Yes, you got it right it’s 0% commission. Qaayima provides the possibility of placing orders on your Microsite (and you don’t need any technical skills or help from IT specialists), which will enable your customers to place orders for takeout or delivery.

A good online restaurant menu leads to great sales

We encourage you to use images to create appetite, but we also give you a hand. We provide a free stock of delicious food images that you can use to spice up your online restaurant menu.

You will see that we use images in different sizes in sections

Banner picture – this should be the image that best describes your business. When you’ll browse through our stock for a banner picture, you will see that we recommend only images that match your cuisine.

Category picture – these are the images for each of your food categories. Here, as well, we make intelligent suggestions based on your category name, thus saving you the time of going through hundreds of pictures for each category.

Item picture – this is what the customer gets, so feel free to use your images here to best represent what you’ll put on the plate.

Automatically generated statistics

The system also generates statistical reports for any time you want regarding online sales, covering any given period. Based on such statistics, you can make more conscious business decisions. You will see what sells best and when most orders are placed. Use the data when planning shopping for your products, changes in the menu, and required numbers of staff members.

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