Share your Smart menu in a QR Code with your customers.

QR Ordering via customers mobile. The customer scans a QR code on his / her mobile, sees the menu and places the order via the mobile without downloading any app. 

The QR Code Menu is dynamic, so you can always use the same one. There is no need to reprint anything. If you need to update its contents — even daily — simply log back into your Qaayima account and delete any versions of your menu that you need to and upload the new version of the menu to the same QR Code. It will be updated automatically.

Step 1

Guest scan’s Qr Code placed on the table with his / her smart phone

Step 2

Guest browse’s the menu without downloading anu app

Step 3

Guest select the item and send the order. Order is received on a panel


Features & Benefits of QR Ordering 

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and
proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

No More Print Menu

Everything these days is digital, so it’s time to make your menus digital too!


Maximize the use of QR codes by share in app that can read and open these codes, like Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Instagram.

Go Contactless

To keep your customers safe, creating a PDF QR Code for your menu will limit cross-contamination from sharing physical menus.

Entice with Food Image

With a digital menu you can include images with as many of the menu items as you wish.

No App Downloads

Provide easy and fuss free food ordering experience for customer just scan and place order.

Increase Order Values​

Increase your average order value by as much as 30% with online ordering embedded into your operations.

Better Customer Data

Digital menus allow restaurant managers to monitor how customers interact with their menu in real-time, providing unmatched data for owners.

Streamline Ordering

Your digital menu board showcases beautiful imagery, and this encourages your customers to make a quick decision.

Damage Resistant​

QR codes can resist damage upto 30%. That is, even if your QR Code is slightly torn, damaged, or worn out, it still holds the capability to be scanned.


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