Helps you to increase your revenue by digitizing the dining experience.

Smart & Easy way

Smart Menu is not just food ordering solution for restaurants and cafes. 

It is designed to simplify and automate a range of tasks like food selection and ordering, handling kitchen order queue, management and billing.

Selecting food on menu card made super easy and fun both!

List management

The interface gives filtering options for various types of food and their categories.

Creating food menus has become so easy! Using dashboard, you can create the menus and 

display them anytime you want them. When creating the list, an unlimited number of items and sections can be added and their order changed, or if they will be on the list or not, depending on the desire, it is also possible to copy or permanently delete them at any time.

Order management

Updates Staff about status of any Order or Service Calls.

Take orders in an easy and simple way. Multiple ordering patterns are specially designed to meet the different needs of each location specifically. All requests submitted by the application can be managed in the web dashboard. In the event that there is an integration with the POS system or with a connected printer, it is possible to pass orders to the POS system or to print in the kitchen directly. 

Selecting food on menu card made super easy and fun both!

Staff receives notification on their devices about food ordered, requests made and food ready to serve.



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Streamlined payment process

Qaayima Integrates with its vending system to allow restaurants to collect orders and payments directly from the devices.

Thus, the customer can submit the order and make the payment on the tablet without the need for any help from anyone.

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