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Features & Benefits of QR Ordering

Qaayima is so much more than just a QR Menu.  Qaayima has one primary objective – that is to up sell your food by presenting it in the best way possible. It’s simplistic easy to use interface creates a fluid experience which keeps your guests engaged and ordering more!  

No commission

We don’t charge commission on orders. We charge a annual flat fee, depending on the plan you choose. Full transparency, No hidden fee.

No app to download

No APP is required. Scan QR on mobile to see the menu and order online

Better customer data

Our visual dashboard empowers you to make data-driven decisions to grow your business


Benefits of QR Online Ordering Menu

No More Print menu

Everything these days is digital, so it’s time to make your menus digital too! Reduce your print menu cost.

Damage Resistant

QR codes can resist damage. That is, even if your QR Code is slightly torn or damaged, it still holds the capability to be scanned.

Go Contactless

To keep your customers safe, creating a PDF QR Code for your menu will limit cross-contamination from sharing physical menus.

Increase Order Values​

Increase your average order value by as much as 30% with online ordering embedded into your operations.

Entice with Food Image

With a digital menu you can include images with as many of the menu items as you wish. anytime you can add a new item.

Streamline Ordering

Your digital menu board showcases beautiful imagery, and this encourages your customers to make a quick decision.

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